Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner


Greetings from your prayer chaplain team.

Unless you have gone through the Unity Prayer Chaplain Program you may not know some of our core prayer training elements. A VERY important element is confidentiality. When people come to us for prayer it can be for anything on the spectrum from joy to utter grief. Confidentiality covers every bit of the prayer motivation spectrum. We chaplains do not discuss the content or reasons for the prayers we share with our congregants. You may have news of a great new job opportunity and while it IS fantastic news it is not our place to share with the whole Spiritual Center. I'm addressing confidentiality today because I want to remove any kind of barrier between YOU and the prayer chaplain team. We really want everyone to be confident of coming to pray with us. Personally, I love to pray with our folk without knowing the specifics. You do not have to come to us for prayer with exact specifications. You may hold the thought in your heart-space as we immerse ourselves in prayer...seeing ourselves as happy, healthy, with all needs met...WHOLE.

On the topic of prayer, please save the date for World Day of Prayer. As the schedule printed in this newsletter mentions it begins on September 11th...a day every American remembers well. On Thursday the 12th the prayer chaplains will hold the vigil from 11 am to 6 pm then merge with the Thursday Meditation Group. This will be a nice opportunity to drop in while you have a free moment and you may pray alone or pray with one of us. Last year I prayed out loud in the sanctuary for an hour. This had an unexpected impact on me. To be in heart-space speaking words of love for that long was exhilarating! I was all charged up and the feeling stayed with me for a long while. Come and pray with us or pray with us in spirit wherever you are.  

Namaste, Mel Jeffery

Unity Prayer Chaplain Team