Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Greetings from your prayer chaplain team.

. One of the most inspiring and life changing books I have read in recent years is Joel Goldsmith’s “Living Between Two Worlds”. In the opening chapter, Opening the Door to Infinity, he gives us this jewel of wisdom about the spirit and presence of God.

“Relinquish thought of things; turn within and admit me. Open the inner door of your being. Relax and rest and be a beholder as I, the Spirit of God in you, go before you to prepare the way...For this purpose have I planted the Seed of Myself within you. For this purpose have I breathed life into you.”

Through prayer and meditation we can open the door to God’s presence and take a look into the spiritual world. Goldsmith goes on to explain that ultimately there is only one world and it is spiritual. The other world that we think we know is materialistic and it is a construction that is no more real then the imaginings of the insane. In this world we measure life in terms of amounts, weights and degrees. In this world we give powers to germs, to individuals and to the evils we perceive as real. We are either the beneficiary or the victim.

However, there is another world which takes precedence; as we turn from orthodox teachings and religions to a mystical awareness, we begin to reverse this. In our search for God, we are living in two worlds. We must choose between the materialistic where power resides in persons, things and conditions and spiritual awareness where we know there is a greater power that comes from within us. My favorite chapter is Chapter 5, The World of Material Sense and the World of Spiritual Discernment. In it he says, “Gradually, as we learn not to judge by appearances, but are still for a moment and let the Spirit of God bear witness, we will discern spiritually and we will see as God sees.”

As prayer chaplains we are very concerned with spiritual discernment, because we pray and are guided to reveal the world as it is to God. We hope and put our faith in revelations that enlarge, enrich and deepen our understanding of the world, the spiritual world, as it really is. During prayer and meditation, we open our hearts and minds to God’s wisdom. We wait for the loving voice of God, our inner intuition, the opening up of our heart and an understanding of the truth of who we are as spiritual beings.
Come pray with us.

Rick Wicker, Unity Prayer Chaplain


Unity Spiritual Life Center Prayer Chaplain