Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Greetings to you from the Prayer Chaplain Team!

We are honored to hold each and every one of you in the light of prayer again this month. It is our privilege to assist you in making space for your good to come to you in amazing ways, to help you find creative solutions for problems, and to help you open avenues to a richer and fuller life.


I want to use this space again this month to encourage each of you in your personal prayer practice, and to discuss ways to bring the power of Spirit into greater play in your life. If you, for even one moment, think you do not know how to pray, or that your prayers are ineffective, let me assure you that this is a misguided belief. All prayer is effective. All prayer is fruitful and productive. So…with that in mind, it is important to be reminded that the quality of prayer we offer needs to be our very best.


Sometimes I find myself so worried, agitated and concerned about a situation that I cannot focus on my own good. I may be desperate for relief. And I have been told time after time to just pray, so I get to work doing that, only to realize that I have been offering up to God this worried, agitated and concerned state of mind and heart. I had forgotten that thought in mind produce its own kind, and that prayer will be effective…bringing back to me what I offered up…concern and worry. So, I have then created for myself a catch 22!


This is a great time to engage in prayer practice with another person. Find a prayer partner or use a prayer chaplain to help you reflect on the positive qualities of God (and thus of yourself) to help bring you into a state of greater awareness of the potential good available to you right now.  Praying with someone else can help clear the field of your mind,  and this then aligns your mind with the mind of God.


So, on those days that things just seem a little out of control, I encourage you to do yourself a favor, and reach for someone to pray with you, and you with them. You will find your life richer and fuller just through the sharing.


Namaste, Dana Martin      Unity OKC prayer chaplain team