The Power of Imagination - The Scissors of the Mind

The Power of Imagination - The Scissors of the Mind
Disciple – Bartholomew (Nathaniel)
Location – between the eyes in the front of Pituitary gland


Imagination – is the formative power of mind, through which we shape and form mental images through the power of our thought. It is a power of mind by which we shape and give form to the substance in the invisible realm of Spiritual ethers.  It is through the power of the imagination the formless invisible ethers take form.

The Imagination is what guides us to our hearts desire. The imagination is among our most creative mind powers.  We are always creating through imaging faculty.  But by deliberately directing our imagination toward what we want, we can begin to transform our health as well as every phase of our lives.  Again and again, our imaging power will gladly lead us into better living, once we invoke it.  Results come much more quickly when we picture what we want, rather than just vaguely thinking or hearing about it.  

God’s will for us is communicated through symbols, dreams and visions and it is up to us to take the vision, the idea and give it form.  God created us in God’s image; we are co-creators, partners.   The Lord’s Prayer instructs us. “Thy will be done in Earth as it is in heaven.”  Heaven is the realm where the ideas and potentials that are yours to claim are stored.  The earth is the realm where we may take the ideas and form them into material things. This is God’s will being done in earth, but to do it, first we must “listen” and “see” the vision.

In picturing health in the body, we are not trying to put something that is not already there. We are not trying to force the body into the mold of our own making.  Instead we are claiming and releasing the potential perfection, the imprisoned splendor,” that lies waiting to be recognized, released, and allowed expression in the cells of the body.  Such Mental action allows new forms to come forth so organic healing occurs.         

Jesus was describing the power of the imagination this way, “The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, they whole body shall be full of light.” Matthew 6:22 When man’s eye or imaging power eye is single or one pointed toward wholeness and Oneness with God, the forces of his body are raised up.  The currents of life begin to move upwards as the creative energies ascend.  As they move upward with new life and vigor, an increased strength and vitality begins to be felt.  As a person keeps his eye single to the picture of wholeness, a purification and freedom of limited pictures in the subconscious mind is released.  New powers then awaken and move upward through his whole being, until a new life current has swept through his entire body.  His mind is then quickened and his body revitalized. Solomon might have been describing this process when he said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keeps the law, is happy. (Proverbs 29)

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with too much information or emotional energy.  We find ourselves in the midst of all sorts of wild imaginings. If you are aware of what is taking place, you can release these imaginings, and recognize them for what they are.  Sometimes we can scare ourselves to death, in the process of fantasizing or worrying about all the signs of things to come.  It is merely expending of excess emotional energy through the imagination. Rightly understood, it can be a safety valve that prevents you from getting out of balance, and you can release it into the “Hands of God.”