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September 2019 Newsletter


Minister’s Letter  

The Power of the Month

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Town Hall Envisioning Follow Up
An Invitation from Cia Campbell

Upcoming Events  

The Q- Process & 21 Day Shadow Work

    World Day of Prayer--Infinite Presence – Unlimited Potential

Thursday Fellowship and Potluck
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Sunday Happenings
Labor Day Cookout & On Golden Pond

I Am, the Soul Moving Movie

Avatar, the Movie

 Unity Membership Orientation

Wild Eats and Treats

Wednesday Nights in Sept
Midweek Renewal - 6:15 – 6:45
Wednesday Nights at 7 pm


The Force Is With You

World Day of Prayer A Healing Service

Beginning Again, The Hero’s Journey

Sunday Mornings @ 9:30AM
Thoughts About John?

Other Activities
Healing Hands Sessions

Soul Moving Meditation
Thursdays at 6 & 7