Drinking the Living Waters

This morning as I was waiting my turn to do something, I sat and contemplated what it might feel, and be, like to drink of the Living Waters from the River of life. You know the Living Water that Jesus offered to the woman at the well in Samaria; water “which will become like a spring of water gushing up into eternal life.” Wow, I bet that water tasted really amazing! What would it feel like to drink water that was like a spring gushing up into Eternal Life?  As I contemplated idea, I could feel a tingling sensation bubbling up in the soft spots of my feet and in my heart as I saw myself walking into the River of the Life. 


As I sat there, I could feel the Living Water bubbling through my feet, while at the same time, I was somehow walking through the water of the River of Life in the Garden of Eden. I must say it was a pretty amazing journey!  What the imagination can inspire, when you develop a habit of eating of the Fruits of the Tree of Life. Imagination is one of those fruits, and when you knowingly allow the imagination to paint pictures on the canvas of your awareness, oh my God! The colors are brilliant and yet somehow soft and still glowing! You should pause and go there to look at the marvelous flowers growing in the Living Waters of the Garden of Eden.  Pause and witness the butterflies jumping, floating, dancing on the gentle breeze as they move from one magnificent flower to the next. 


You do know that is what we are supposed to be doing while we are in these body suits that make up human kind.  Yes, that is what we are supposed to be doing. Drinking of Living Water that makes us feel oh so good as we rise up into an awareness of Eternal life, in all the “energy” and wonder that resides there. Eating of the Fruits of the Tree of Life which will inspire us in oh so many ways and connect us with feelings, dreams and ways of being which we could never conceive, as long as we are bound by the dynamics and limitations of the ego driven mortal mind.


Yep that’s what happened when we chose, or should I say “happens when we choose,” to eat of the Fruits of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Unfortunately eating of the fruits of knowledge is not a one-time thing.  It is an everyday thing, which limits and restricts our awareness of the unlimited possibilities that exist in each and every moment, in this wonderous Garden Eden in which we live. Eating of the Fruits of the Knowledge of Good and Evil has become an everyday thing that shuts down the vortex of living energy that is part of the creative process, the swirling glowing creative energy which makes us feel oh so good; yet very uncomfortable.  As a result of learning to eat of the Fruits of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, we often pull back in judgement and don’t explore the full wonder of the Garden of Eden. Knowledge can be an oh so good thing leading us to some many amazing experiences and yet it can shut off our awareness to other possibilities that are right there before our eyes.


Yep, we live in the Garden of Eden.  We are in Heaven, right here, right now.  That’s what Jesus and Siddhartha and others keep trying to tell us.   The Living Waters of the River of Life are just beyond our sight, to experience it’s wonder we must stop eating of fruits that Tree of the Knowledge and learn to eat of that other tree at the center of the garden, The Tree of the Life.


So this morning, as I was waiting my turn to do something else, I saw myself drinking of the Living Water and my heart saw that tree, The Tree of Life and I began to sample it’s wondrous, enlightening, uplifting fruits. I began to glow; I felt Its energy flow, it was as though I was soaring.  What an amazing feeling.  Will you join me in exploring the wonders of eating of the Tree of life and drinking of the Living Waters? 


Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick