The Way Things Fit Together:

Minister's Letter --The Way Things Fit Together:


The Way Things Fit Together:  This morning when I went out to feed the feral cats that live in my backyard, I realized what a beautiful morning that came to be.  It was 65 degrees, with a nice gentle breeze, the ferals were talking and glad to see me, and as I washed out their drinking bowls, I witnessed the sun glittering through the leaves of the trees. What a beautiful day! Due to cloud cover and rain, I hadn’t seen the sun in over a week.  Last Friday, I got over 8 inches of rain in my backyard! Wow! Yesterday even though we had 0% chance of rain, it drizzled all day long.  Drizzle in Oklahoma is an unheard-of experience!

As I picked okra from its vine, and smelled the sage a few feet away, I thought of how the things just so naturally fit together.  How all the different pieces came together to make such a beautiful morning.  How the feral cats come up speak to me.  How I have okra, sage and even tomatoes still growing on the vine, amidst all the amazing flowers blooming in my backyard in the last week of September.  And why and how I am able to take a moment to realize their splendor, even after spending all that time to fly around the universe; or should I say driving across half the US over the past 3 weeks.  We do live in a beautiful and amazing country, where many pieces fit together!

One thing that caused me to think of the amazing way things seem to fit together, was Oprah’s characters words to Meg Murray in the movie A Wrinkle In Time.  As she looked into Meg’s eyes, she said, “Do you know how over the millions of years since the universe was created, how all the different things that came to be and events that had to occur to create you and to give you the wisdom and the abilities you possess? You are remarkable and have the ability to do any thing you set your mind to!”  Well, she might not have said exactly those words, but that is how I remember them in this moment now! When you or I look at life, do we take the time to realize how all the different events in our lives have led us and empowered us to be in this moment now? So that we might learn and grow and be the very powerful creative spiritual beings we are.  

When I walked into the backyard this morning, the short-term events that led to the realization of this morning’s splendor, was a week or more without the sun, all the rain on Friday to give my backyard the smell and feel of the Life Force permeating its presence, and a few weeks of zooming around the universe.”

Perhaps another “thing” that lead me to realize the way things fit together was the completion of the trim work in the bathroom I have been remodeling.  Remember the article months ago, when I talked about ripping out a wall in the master bedroom’s bathroom. Well I rebuilt the wall a couple of months ago, got it rewired for lights, put in new modern waterproof and cool looking paneling and now I just finished the trim.  Now the only thing I have left to do is install new stylish bi-folding doors, and I have never done anything like that before!  The truth is, until I started remodeling this house I had only seen my self as a rough carpenter; reading the blue prints and building the frames of well over 500 houses. When renovating the other houses, I lived in, I would normally have other people do the trim.  You see before when I did the trim work, I would normally cut it backward, because of my body’s dyslexia and my linear thinking style. I truly could not see how the pieces were meant to fit together.  At some point in time, maybe when I was on the other side of the universe I realized that when I was doing trim work, I needed to pause and to breathe and just allow myself to see how the pieces would come together.  I also realized I needed to buy one of those new-fangled cutting saws, that cut the angles for me, so I didn’t over think it. Now, when doing “the trim” I visualize it in my mind, I breathe, then go and do something else! When the time is right, I come back to that spot and allow the work to guide me. Hum, how might that idea work in your life? It guides me in all I do!

Namaste, I see the light in your Rev. Doc. Patrick