Step by Step --

 Step by Step --


In all things there is a right and perfect order. So, when you get a Divine Idea, you know a God inspired idea, you got to allow the steps to reveal themselves as you are meant to take them. A plan is a nice thing to have, but you have to take one step at a time as those steps are revealed. You know like the master bedroom at my house! In the adult Sunday School this past week, I let it slip, I have a long-time dream to have a larger, more stylish, more useable bathroom for my master bedroom.  You know a dream, is one of those things that come to you when you start to use your imagination! And that bathroom was like a bathroom in one of those old fashion gas stations and was built for a really small person; and could inspire lots of not so good dreams.  Not that I am big but I could barely turn around. To close the door, I had to stand in the shower; come on now! I had this dream of what a new bathroom would look like; it was amazing!

Unfortunately, the first step was removing the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom, so I could move the wall over one foot! Yeah move the wall, where else was the room to move around going to come from! Well, good grief, that’s exactly what I thought. With many other things to do, I just thought about it and put it towards the end of my list.  As I contemplated my new bathroom, I had the nudge to go into the attic and check to see where the support beams and the electrical lines were (step 1). Then when I had a free day with nothing else to do, I bought the supplies to build the frame for the new wall, and when it was complete, out came that old wall! Step 2, it is important to build the framework to support the existing structure before removing the old walls and barriers we have in place.  (This is a metaphor).

In the process, I discovered why the wall was so tight next to the toilet, making the room so small, like standing in the closet. There was a sewer vent pipe hidden in the wall.  I could not move the pipe, so I had to rethink my plan.  This is one reason to allow Spirit to guide you step by step without attachment to plans and surrender control (step 3). I decided since there was no shelf or closet space in the old bathroom, causing all those bottles we use in bathrooms, to be spread all over the floor and window ledge, I would build a shelf between pipe and wall.  The shelf is 8 feet tall, 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep. Oh my God, a shelf in the bathroom, what is a person to do without tripping over bottles?

In removing the old wall that had 45 years of use, I discovered the 2 x 4 that ran across the floor was saturated with black mold. As a result, I was inspired to use this new vinyl wall board on the bathroom side of the wall and to apply sealant to prevent future water overflows (That never occurs in a bathroom, does it?) from getting into the wall. Step 4 be willing to make additions and changes as you go!  

Now before I could put this new vinyl wallboard up and add the drywall on the bedroom side of the wall, I had to make sure the electrical lines were back in place and working. That is when I got another Divine Idea, install new lights and a ceiling fan.  Nothing like 1971 fluorescent tube lighting hiding under a 6-foot drop down ceiling.  I did say the bathroom felt really small.  Out they went! I got to spend a day in the attic, during an electrical storm trying to figure out where the lines were supposed to go.  Step 5, allow the inner light to shine and guide you step by step, knowing we are going to have to make adjustments as we strive for our dreams and day-to-day life experiences.

Yesterday I spent the day hanging drywall, particle board, and vinyl. I completed the day by hanging a new mirrored medicine cabinet. I went step by step on the way towards achieving a dream.  Something I have to do as I work on a 45-year house that moves with the shifting Oklahoma soil; just as we need to do as we move through the wonder that life is



Namaste I see the Light In YOU! Rev. Doc. Patrick