Minister's Letter --I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream

I have a dream of a new energy, of a new synergy, rising up within the citizens of Earth, which will empower us all to look beyond our ingrained beliefs and very restricted ways of being to see into the heart of a matter and find workable solutions for all.  I believe most of the challenges, violence and upheaval that we are experiencing is a result of clinging to old systems and strategies that no longer work and are calling us to step up higher.  One spiritual principle says, “You can never solve a problem at the level of the problem you must rise up higher to see it from all perspectives!” And that Jesus guy, said, “In all things seek first the Kingdom of God and it’s harmony and balance and all good things will come onto you”  

So, the question becomes how do we go about seeking “the Kingdom of God and Its harmony and balance.” Surely, the answer comes in inviting this new synergy to rise up within us so we can feel the Kingdom’s Harmony and Balance flowing all around us.  However, in accordance with the ingrained belief system of western culture in times of chaos and turbulence, we have learned turn to someone we believe has the power and is smartest and most devious in accomplishing the goal.  We turn to one individual and we succeed, or fail, on their leadership, and not the intuitive wisdom of the whole.  Is that not how the kings and queens and the kingdoms of Europe prevailed for so many centuries, on the lives of their serfs?  We tried to break away when Europeans came to the US, and we set up a government based on the idea of building consensus, but often when trouble comes, we turn to that old model of leadership.  How sad is that, because we don’t get the wisdom of all involved.

Believe it or not, the Christmas Season is a metaphor for this new synergy, this new way of being! Mary (symbolizes Love) and Joseph (spiritual discernment) they travel from Nazareth (just an ordinary place) to Bethlehem (the house of bread, the place of rising energy).  When they arrive in this place of rising energy, they give birth to the Christ Child, to an awareness of the field of infinite possibilities. Now all we have to do is nurture it, and engage it.  

One of the ways we learn to travel from the ordinary, everyday life we have in this physical reality, is through prayer and meditation.  Joining together the masculine (intellect) and the feminine (feeling) energies and allowing them to rest within the inner room of our soul so it will give us inspiration.

But how do we do this as a spiritual community or in larger groups where many different beliefs and ways of being are brought together? Believe it, or not, it is in the idea of building consensus, which I mentioned is what our country’s system of government is founded upon. The Idea of building consensus is also at the core of Unity’s Principles as we share our thoughts and inspiration with others. Building consensus on a Divine Idea that is brought forth from Spirit, invites and allows everyone to share their thoughts about this Divine Idea; thoughts that might either add to, or insights into the pitfalls that might arise. This way when a Divine Idea comes forth you can see it from many perspectives and build the best possible outcome, and ways to building bridges over the perceived pitfalls.  If when a Divine Idea comes forth and you blast it out of the sky when it is mentioned, there is no possibility of growth and evolution; or if one individual is allowed to make all the decision, there are bound to be shortcomings and errors made along.

There is a new synergy rising, we can all feel it. It expresses in many ways.  Are you willing to allow it to bubble up and see where it will take us? One way this new synergy is rising up in our community is in a comment that we explored about redesigning our sanctuary so it might be more inviting and reflect the uniqueness of our spiritual message, of oneness, of togetherness, of our rising into an awareness of the Christ Child in us.  When I thought about the concept being shared. I saw in my mind’s eye
a semi-circular shaped seating arrangement that was facing the west wall, allowing the morning light to shine and fill every one. I saw everyone sparkling. I saw everyone sitting in comfortable chairs with smiling faces, and sitting much closer to me and the music team, allowing a wonderous energy exchange to occur. I could feel everyone’s energy bubble with enthusiasm and thanksgiving. I saw new artistic design popping up here and there and I saw a sacred place for prayer on the upper level and the experience of Oneness. The formal disciplined traditional structure and the uncomfortable pews were gone.  Will you hold my dream of a new synergy rising up within our spiritual community? A whole new way of being rising up within us, living from the awareness of the Christ Child in each and everyone! then we will see it flowing out into the world around us.

Have a Merry Christmas! Rev. Doc. Patrick