World Day of Prayer OKC - Infinite Presence - Unlimited Potential


World Day of Prayer 2019:
Infinite Presence, Unlimited Potential
Beginning Wednesday Sept 11 at 7 pm -  ending Thursday at 8 pm

Vortex of all Life The vigil begins Wednesday, September 11, at 7 p.m. (CT) with a live-stream of opening ceremony in Silent Unity Chapel and then we will walk in the Labyrinth make a Journey to the Creative.

The Prayer Vigil at Unity Spiritual Life Center of Oklahoma City will be re-restarted at 11 am and continue until 6 pm, when it is merged with the Thursday Evening Meditation Group. You are invited to participate in Unity World Day of Prayer, here at Unity Spiritual Life by coming during this time and joining our Prayer Chaplains in a deep time of prayer. Our Prayer Chaplains will be here during the entire time to pray with you. Or as always you can drop the names and prayer requests in the prayer box and we will hold each of them sacred during these 24-hour time of prayer.
Draw upon divine power and presence to realize the limitless possibilities in your life.
Join together with tens of thousands of people around the world. Together we will hold the high watch during World Day of Prayer, affirming that ¬there is no spot where God is not. Wherever we are, God is. ¬

World Day of Prayer September 11th 7 pm to the 12th at 8 pm

Wednesday     7 pm – Live Stream of Opening event
        8 pm - Candle Light Walk of Labyrinth
Thursday     11 am – Live Stream of Silent Unity Prayer
    12 pm - Prayer Vigil with USLC Prayer Chaplains
6 pm – Special Service with Thursday Meditation Group
7 PM - Special Service with Thursday Meditation Group
8 pm – Oneness Blessing and Closing.