Wednesday's at 7 in September

Wednesday Evenings 7 to 8

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Wednesday Sept 4th at 7
The Conclusion of The Force Is With You

In our journey through life, the Force of all Life surrounds and enfolds us, it is continually prompting us to awakening to Its Presence. This was the focus of Jesus’ message. He started his journey walking across the fields, saying, the time is now the kingdom of God, is within your grasp, turn to it and believe in the Good news!” (Mark 1:15) He shared this message about heaven’s presence repeatedly and in many different ways, but the world has tried to hide and disguise it.  This is also the focus of the book The Revelation According to John, The knowledge is already within us, we only need to learn how to draw it out!

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Wednesday Sept 14th at 7 pm
Unity World Day of Prayer
Live Streamed from Unity Village and then we will go out into a star lit Night and walk the Labyrinth into the heart of the Creative Energy of the Universe. Join us!


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Wednesday Sept 21st at 7 pm
A Healing Service
Unity was founded on a healing miracle, which opened the minds of a select group of people to the Living Force that permeates all things.  The theme running through the month of September, the fruit from the Tree of Life, and through all the movies and events scheduled this month is Divine Order.  As we begin our spiritual journey, the Divine guides us to turning points, where we are offered a choice to take a bold step on our own personal Hero’s Journey! The first step on this journey is to recognize what we have to release, let go and heal what needs to be healed, so we can begin again and rise up higher into awareness of the Field of Infinite Possibilities.  This Healing service will provide the opportunity to make that first step, blending Unity’s Core Teachings on Healing and Wholeness and Healing Touch’s understanding of our own energy body.  Please join us for this opportunity to heal at a deeper level of our being.


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Wednesday September 28th at 7 pm
Beginning Again – The Hero’s Journey
This unique classes will blend Joseph’s Campbell’s work on the Hero’s Journey, with Rev. Doc. Patrick book Being the Way, and some of Unity’s core principles of and harness and directing the energy of the Divine.