A Way to Begin A New Day

A Way to Begin A New Day

Each morning as the sunlight begins to light of the sky, my 17 year-old cat Tessa walks through the house carrying one of her beloved stuffed animals crying out in joy for the dawning of a new day.  She then drops her stuffed animal jumps up in my bed and begins to walk all over me, saying “It’s morning pet me, feed me, snuggle up with me.” If I can muster enough strength I reach out and start petting her.  She shares a loud thunderous purr that sends ripples of joy through out the room; tingling energy in every cell of my being!  What a way to begin the day.

When I finally awaken, the sunlight is rippling across my back yard garden and birds are chirping.  I go into the kitchen to feed and get Tessa and her baby sister Angel a fresh bowl of cold water. I gather food together to feed Momma, Big Grey, Junior, Rascal and Dotty the feral cats who live outside in and around our yard.  They purr as I stroke their fur and say good morning. After feeding them I just stand and breathe in the fresh morning air and the scent of whatever flowers might be blooming. We some times get a visit from the Coon family, a momma raccoon with 4 babies, so I need to stand guard to make sure the feral cats get enough to eat. But I must admit that standing there feeling the morning breeze ripple across my face is incredible, especially when the day might move beyond 100 degrees. What a way to begin a new day!

When I come back inside I take a nice hot shower, feeling the warmth of the water wash over me.  I love my shower.  It really helps to enliven me and to feel God’s presence.  Then I get dressed, and make a little throne out of one of the comforters on the bed.  Tessa jumps on it and starts to purr that thunderous purr of joy so I lay down next to her to pet her. Feeling her joy filled purr is so amazing and blissful.  Meanwhile The Cardinals and Blue Jays in the backyard are happily chirping away as they eat the left over cat food. What a way to begin a new day!

How do you hallow out a way to begin a new day?  How do you hallow out a way to begin any new project so you can feel the joy of the Lord flowing through it.  Interestingly enough that thought is currently on my mind.  I bet you couldn’t tell! Unity Worldwide has hired me as an adjunct faculty member for their New Spiritual Education and Enrichment Series (SEE) beginning in September. This semester I will be teaching the class on Unity’s unique method of prayer.  The first week of this class will include a piece on the Lord’s Prayer.  For me one of the most important verses in the prayer is the phrase “Hallow it Be thy Name!”  The ancient Aramaic the word translated as Hallow (or Hallowed depending on your translation) means to carve out, to hold sacred, to snuggle up with and hold tight! How do you hold the Lord’s name (I AM) and Presence sacred?  If God is the breathe and energy of life, as we believe It to be in Unity, we have to learn to hold every breath, every moment of life, sacred.  One way we can begin to do this is by holding a moment at the beginning of each day in a deep profound joy and sacredness, in appreciation of the world around us. Then that moment will remind us throughout the day to remember to breath and feel God’s life flowing, moving, stirring all around us; even when the world, and our ego mind, are trying to distract us with other things. 

I have also found this practice as a fantastic way to begin any new journey in life. Like the beginning of school next month: remember we will have a Lemonade and Cookie Stand to help bring joy to kids and their parents after registering for school.  We will also begin the year-long series on how to be a Jedi in today’s world.  We will also have an updated web site, making it “responsive” and interactive! You will be able to connect within it on your cell phone, just another new beginning! So I am remembering to take that special moment to hallow out a special moment to feel the Lord’s Presence. 


Namaste Rev. Patrick