This is a very strange day, a very strange day indeed!

This is a very strange day, a very strange day indeed!

This is a very strange day, a very strange day indeed! It is the first day in months that I haven’t had a deadline due.  Well of course I have things I could do, but nothing with a deadline other than this newsletter article that is two days ahead of time.  A day off that is actually a day off, well kind of, at least for me.  So, I have decided to take time to rest in the moment, to feel the creative energy stirring and see what occurs.  It is very odd, after setting the intention I walk by things that need to be done or straighten up, and I have to reign in my compulsion to fix it. I have been wanting to straightened out things that I didn’t have the permission to straighten out for years, now I am the only one here and I have to give myself permission to say. “It’s ok to remain that way for a little longer.” I haven’t noticed it up till now because of all the other stuff that was there, so that’s ok, for the moment.”  It is curious that the theme for July is freedom and the 12 Power called understanding, because I am giving my self the freedom to be free in this moment and I, at the same time, am watching my thoughts and my reaction to my thoughts, seeing the invisible connectedness of those thoughts with the path I have traveled over the past year with the path I traveled before. Yes indeed it is a very strange day; a very strange day indeed.

This morning I went out to feed the feral cats and I decided to sit in the swing I renovated the day before Shavonne’s wedding.  It was a glorious morning as the sun light sparkled through the tree’s leaves; there was a nice gentle breeze.  Wow how incredible to be free to sit in my garden with the refinished gazebo and all the beautiful flowers blooming around me.  The ferals thought I was crazy and asked why I was just sitting there! I reflected on the beauty of the garden and wonder of Shavonne’s wedding day.  If you like to see the pictures you can go to my facebook page ( There’s only 70 pictures out of 400 taken.  It was an incredible day. Now I can sit there and enjoy the wonder of that moment over and over again, and enjoy the beauty of the garden that is result of months of work and of love, really!

It is a very strange day, a very strange day indeed. When I reentered the house, I walked through the garage which is nearly empty, after 2 garage sales and many trips to Good Will, and I have to hold back my compulsion to straighten out the racks and sort the remaining items.  Yes it is ok that it remains that way, at least for this moment now, so I can enjoy the moment to be free and rest within the creative energy.  I then walk through my kitchen and almost start to cry, it is so beautiful, the result of months of work and of love, really! Yes, and I noticed something out of place, it only takes a moment to clean it up and shine the granite counters. Then I peek into the dinning and living room, and the sight stirs me, there is order and beauty many artifacts of my family. I look at my grandfather’s painting and think, “Is it an original, or not, how do I find out?” I can wait; allow it to be a discovery for another moment! I need to embrace this moment of wonder and goodness and beauty and rest within the creative vortex.  Then I walk by the master bedroom (presently the inside cat’s room) and my mind races with all the things that need to be done in there: remove that wall, build a new one, put in a tile floor, find an electrician to run new wires.  As you might be able to tell, it’s the next project, a 1970’s state of the art design, with the original carpets that are half removed.  Once again I remind myself, “It’s ok to be free within this moment and to rest within the creative vortex; to look into it and to feel and understand how all the different pieces of life fit together.

Yes it is very strange day, a very strange day indeed.  I guess you can tell I really don’t know what the phrase “day-off” means. At least I am understanding and seeing the inter-connectedness of my thinking and the path I walk, but then it is so challenging that when you feel the creative energy of the Divine flowing through you and you know all you need to do is being done with that Invisible Force called “Love” and it feels so good, it’s hard not to be free and just do it!

Expressing in Love and Light, Rev. Patrick