USLC’s New Board of Trustees,

USLC’s New Board of Trustees,
Janice Papst & Betty Leggiero

At USLC’s annual meeting on July 21st the membership approved the nominations Janice Papst & Betty Leggiero! How awesome is that! We look forward to another amazing year.   This past year we did a lot of things. We had lots of great, movies, classes and many other great activities . So we want to thank our out going board members, Ruth Gnagi and Connie Baker. We Say Thank YOU, Thank YOU, thank YOU!  We have many amazing things going on and have lots of uplifting things Planned.  Returning Board members are Dana Martin, Judy Hunteman, Vicki Martin, and Barbara Duffy. We have an amazing Board!

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You Know This

Apples come from apple trees.  Roses grow on roses bushes.  If a gardener wants carrots, he plants carrots seeds and not radishes or onions.  All through life it has been proven that there is a spiritual and a natural law of life that causes all things to produce after their kind.  Although Jesus Christ taught it a couple of thousands years ago, man is only now, at first regretfully and then joyfully, discovering this Truth.  He discovers that each thought he holds, and each word he speaks, is governed by this very same law. Words of love and kindness never produce hate and inconsideration.  You are the boss of your life, if you really want to be.