Unity World Day of Prayer 2018 - at USLC


The courage to Heal – I am a Healing Presence


Beginning at 11 am continuing till 8 pm


The Prayer Chaplains would like to extend you a personal invitation to join them on Thursday, September 13th to experience the power of affirmative prayer on this 25th anniversary of World Day of Prayer.


The event begins at 11 am in the Sanctuary with a live stream broadcast from Unity Village. Afterwards, members of our Prayer Chaplain Team will hold an all-day prayer vigil. We encourage you to participate by adding your confidential World Day of Prayer request to the prayer box at the front of the Sanctuary. You may also come to the Sanctuary to pray one-on-one with the attending Prayer Chaplain, hold Sacred Space, or meditate.  


When the 11 to 6 Pray Vigil is complete the Thursday Night Meditation will share a special “Prayer Event” focused on Uniting the World through prayer and Healing. Do you have the Courage to Heal? Then join us?


Join us for this amazing opportunity to support and strengthen our courage to heal ourselves, our communities, and our world by affirming throughout the day: I am a healing presence.