Therapeutic Drumming Circle…

Therapeutic Drumming Circle…
the Light in me Hears the Light in You
Sunday, June 10th at 1:15
(Drums provided)


Come experience first-hand the healing energy of drum circle participation. Your involvement will build our commUnity; provide you an outlet for stress release and creative expression; and will enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Why should we play music? Quite simply, it makes us happy. Music gives us a voice to express what words cannot. Drumming is a non-verbal form of communication that fosters support and sharing among members of the circle.

The Djembe is a West African drum traditionally used in drum circles. If you own one, bring it. If not, you must bring a kitchen towel. Why??? The drums provided are 5-gallon buckets and the sticks you’ll use to strike them are made from PVC pipe. These “drums” are loud. If drumming is to be therapeutic, then it needs to also be such that it does not cause hearing damage. Placing a towel on the “drum” will produce a much lower volume level.

We all have a creative spirit. If you feel yours is buried or hidden, it will emerge with drum circle participation. Drum circles increase your awareness of and respect for your own and everyone else’s creativity. Unleashing our creative spirit raises us up and makes our inner light shine brighter, which in turn brightens our whole world and the people in it. Don’t miss this!

This workshop will be facilitated by Rene Holubec,
Prayer Chaplain and veteran Music Educator.