Strange Indeed, Strange Indeed!

Strange Indeed, Strange Indeed! This morning when I went out to feed the feral cats, I sat down on the swing and looked

at my amazing garden. The Crape Myrtle’s and Rose of Sharons were all still in full bloom, their beauty and radiance were shining. All the annual flowers that Shavonne and her new husband, Travis, had planted were glowing with their spring glory! Flowers were abounding everywhere! Magnificent! Well the weeds were growing to, but I have been pulling them just a quickly as I can. Even though we are in the last days of August it was just 60 degrees with beautiful clear skies and the sunlight sparkling through the leaves of the tree! Incredible!

As I sat on my swing gently rocking back and forth, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the morning and all the very hardy colorful flowers blooming! It was so amazing, and it is August! Normally here in Oklahoma at the end of August, the grass is turning brown and the flowers are just barely hanging on, well unless you water them every day, due to the heat and lack of rain.  This is the first year I have had to cut the grass in my front yard, and yes at the church, every week in the month of August. Not only have I had to cut the grass, but at the church, we have three trashcans full of grass clippings!

We were approaching a record amount of rainfall for the year, but then these two very large powerful weather fronts stalled out, just to our west and just to our east, providing Oklahoma City with the most beautiful weather, with mornings in the 60’s and low 70’ and afternoons barely get into the 90’s.  We’re supposed to have days in the 100’s, but we had zero! We were almost there, but then, those two weather fronts stalled out fighting for position. Leaving us with this beautiful weather and just the right amount of rain.  They also caused a category four hurricane to stall out over southeast Texas, and because they did, this category four hurricane reversed directions to find another path to release all of the energy it had collected over the Gulf of Mexico. We won’t set an all time record for rainfall in August, but Texas will! Hold them all in prayer! Seeing our neighbors to the south moving through this challenge quickly and being more resilient to Spirit’s blessings and wonders then ever before.    

As I witnessed these very strange occurrences, very strange indeed, I asked my self, “Is this a real life metaphor,” a spiritual message, that we need to discern and take into our awareness?  Two very powerful weather fronts stalled out, fighting each other for position and the right track, (We don’t see that occurring any where in our life do we!) providing us with beautiful, delightful weather that is producing many amazing flowers! While way to the south, a storm front collecting lots of energy and divine ideas over the Sea of Infinite Possibilities (the Gulf of Mexico), stalls out and has to reverse track to find another place to drop it’s Divine Ideas and energy causing people to let go of their lives as they knew them, so they can be introduced to a new way of being, filled with lots of potential and many Divine Ideas.  Just something to think about, as opposed to the fear and controversy the news is creating. Repent, turn around and look for the good news that might be resulting in the midst of the chaos.

As I type these thoughts, I think of the storm fronts that have stalled out in my own life, and I can really, really see this metaphor.  I have been offered the opportunity to complete my Doctorate in Religious and Spiritual Studies; perhaps I might have it by November.  This Divine Idea has been sitting in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities for some time and it had to reverse tracks and find another way to express itself.  Also as I mentioned last month, I have a new publisher and promotional company, and parts of their efforts are finding their way into expression. I had a radio interview about my book that is now online, I will leave a link for you later in this newsletter. Amazing simply amazing

Expressing in Love and Light, Rev. Patrick