Step one of the transformation

Step one of the transformation of our sanctuary into the Living Room for the Soul is complete. Wow, it’s really hard to believe a conversation we had about six months on how we could make the sanctuary more inviting, and increase its energy has come into manifestation. Yesterday, we unloaded our new “blue chairs” into the Living Room for the Soul. The creative swirl has been in action, conversations about the possibilities and various directions we could take, while building consensus each step of the way has produced unbelievable results. Although creating a “dome in the midst of the waters” as we moved through this creative process, has been at times overwhelming. Standing in the “dome,” I was feeling the creative energy, the tension, the pulls and the tugs of each divine idea expressed, and the ripples it created in the Sea of Infinite Possibilities. Now I really know what I mean when I say, “When you know you are standing in the midst of the void and can feel the creating winds swirling around you, just breathe and feel the tension and ask for guidance on the next step.”

That is the process I have been following, allowing the guidance to bubble up through different individuals, then adjusting when another view point was shared.  The creative process and the conversation have led us to replace most of the pews with chairs; some tan, some blue with golden dots. Then turn the seating facing the north to the west and replacing the 25 year-old mauve carpet with a sandy white. We built a half wall, to hide all the wires for the musical instrument and to decorate the new “platform.” Although it’s not really a platform at all, it is really more of energy conduit that connects us with the Field of Oneness and each other. Since making the shift to the new arrangement, I stand at the spot the vortex of energy can be felt, and I don’t know quite how to react; there is so much energy flowing through that spot.  Wow, is about all I can say, and it is my hope you can feel the energy as well.

Yesterday, after arranging the new blue chairs, I stood at the vortex center and I felt a mixture of emotions.  Emotions of overwhelm about the completion of stage one, and the mixture of the tan and blue chairs as they create the metaphorical Tree of Life at the center of the Garden of Eden.  The mixture of colors is eye catching and yet very relaxing and centering. Other emotions were of what to do next, allowing the present colors and scheme to truly “sync in” and guide the others steps to be taking.  Thinking about the work that needs to be done to complete the next step: the trim work; arranging plants; adding stone work to finish the half wall to give the sense of sitting in a garden; and waiting for the tapestries that have been ordered and where they might be hung.  As I type this out, it sounds like a lot, but then it is already in winds of the creative swirl and set into motion, all things are completed in the right and perfect time.  So, I will enjoy what has been done and wait for the remainder to be revealed and I invite you to step into the “Dome of Creativity on the Sea of Infinite Possibilities” and feel the energy. Since, the final piece of step one just arrived yesterday I invite everyone to come join us, in the new energy rising.

I also want to take a moment and thank everyone who has participated in this far out idea of moving from a very traditional formal sanctuary into an evolving and changing Living Room for the Soul, which is more in alignment with our uplifting and freeing spiritually based teachings. If you took part in the conversations and consensus building, thank you, thank you thank you. If you took part in the work of manifesting the vision, thank you, thank you thank you.  If you took part by donating funds to the dream, thank you thank you thank.  You are all awesome and I am glad you are in my life. As far as funds raised to complete the renovation, we are about half way there. We have raised $4725 to this point. Each chair is $50, for a total of $6,000. The carpet will be about $5750. We also bought a new TV as a projector and screen $1000. Total expenses $12,750.  Visualize with us the funds flowing in to pay for all the expenses in the creating a living room for our souls to thrive. 


Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick