Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is phrase that is common to this time of year.  Many people will go out and clean their yard of its winter debris; leaves, branches and weeds that are popping up everywhere.  This clears a space for rain water to thoroughly soak the ground so the trees and perennial flowers that return each year will get their nourish and grow.  While inside the house we go about cleaning and dusting in all the corners, opening up the windows to allow the fresh air to fill the house with the scent of spring.  Some go through their closets to clear out any old items they might no longer be attached to so they can make room for the new wonders that are about to flow into their life.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, especially here in Oklahoma.  I know in my garden from the fresh early hint of spring in February, tulips begin to bloom, then the peach trees, and then the Redbuds, the Hyacinth, Wisteria were their amazing smell. Now the purple Flux and another variety of tulips are blooming. How beautiful! And although they call it a weed, I love the majesty of a dandelion. This year is the first year that Wisteria has been about to climb up and fill the white lattice-work on my white fence.  Bright purple on bright white, with scent of the wisteria; it provides magical moments. But for all that to happen, the soil needs to be occasionally cleared away and fertilized.  

This is one of the very powerful metaphors of the Easter Season.  The coming of spring and the Easter Season is a sign of new life emerging. In order for that new life to be experienced we must go through a period of letting go of what was, so what is meant to be will emerge and bloom with all of its magnificence.

This is actually what the Lenten Season was originally meant to highlight.  The letting go of the old worn out things we might have mentally become attached to, so we can create a space for the new to be truly appreciated.  It wasn’t really meant that we should give up the things we like, so we could understand what it might mean to suffer, as Jesus suffered for us.  But rather that we should forgive and release all the things that have hurt and created pain for us, and let go of things we might have liked at one time but no longer serve our highest good.  I believe this is what Jesus meant as he spoke his final words from the cross. “Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do.” These words are what I believe opened the portal for his greatest demonstration, the resurrection and his experience of a new life.  Yes the Bible says Jesus lived!  He lived so that we might have life and have it more abundantly living in its wonder and goodness.  

So as we approach Easter (April 16), I invite you to consider some things you might need to release: you know old hurts, which still cause you pain;  unforgiveness that block the flow of good into your life; beliefs that restrict the way you see the world and continue to create turmoil in your life. We hold these thoughts mentally, emotionally, in our bodies and in our souls.  But to experience the ever-expanding realm of infinite possibilities we must let them go.  “Father – Infinite Breathe of Life - they do not know, I do not know. what they do, I release them, I let them.

So, as you process this invitation, I will invite you to come to the Good Friday Service, where we will have a unique Burning Bowl Ceremony to help release any Cling-ons, so that you can experience the wonder of the New Life you have waiting to be claimed.  Also on April 7th and 8th I will be having another type of Spring Cleaning Ritual. It is called a Garage Sale. I have some furniture, Easter and Christmas decoration, kitchen items, computer artifacts and women’s clothing (5’4’’) lots.  You might be able to find a good home for some of these items.  
Namaste Rev. Patrick