Sacred Service is Sacred!

Being of Sacred Service

By Barbara Duffy


Sacred Service is Sacred!

The Spiritual Life of a Volunteer in Unity SLC

Oh, how great it is to provide Sacred Service at Unity Spiritual Life Center!  I’d guess that over 50 percent of those who attend USLC volunteer at one time or another.

The pleasure one gets when volunteering is wonderful.  The feeling of doing something for your Spiritual Life Center can be all encompassing and contributes to the spiritual tithe of time.  Tithing time and treasure benefits one’s spiritual life and evolution, but it also helps keep the building open so we can thrive as a community. 


Working outside with the plants is a wonderful way to experience God and the Universe.  Just stopping in the middle of weeding or planting to take a breath of God’s energy is such a blessing.  Weeds have overtaken the labyrinth and need to be pulled and disposed of.  This is beautiful weather for working outside.  Watering is also a need.  Constantly.  Weed.  Water.  Love it! Plant.  Weed.  Water.  Love it.  Plant.  Weed.  Water.  Love it. 


Washing dishes like Brother Lawrence is also a blessing.  One can get into the zone and feel the love that permeates one’s soul.  (I enjoy kitchen duties because of this.) Brother Lawrence found God  in these repetitive duties in a Medieval  monastery. 


Volunteering to help teach ESL students is another beautiful way to serve.  The student number is mushrooming and  Betty is open to volunteers taking the training and helping out.