Sacred Service in the Good Ole' Summertime!

Being of Sacred Service

By Barbara Duffy


Sacred Service in the Good Ole' Summertime!


I Am so grateful for the opportunity to perform Sacred Service!  It makes my life calmer, more fulfilling, and overall happier.  It gives me a sense of self-worth, but it is also a time to let go and let God.  When I get out of my own way it is akin to Brother Lawrence.  This was a Monk back in Medieval Times who worked in the kitchen and truly discovered God in washing dishes.  He even wrote a small book about his experiences.  


Rev. Dr. Patrick has placed a note in the last two Sunday programs about losing one's self in doing a Sacred Service. We do have need of more dishwashers.    I'm not sure which is better: Having one person each Sunday lends stability and consistency.  Having a different person each week takes a load off the dishwasher for three of the four weeks.  And, of course, then there is the fifth Sunday to deal with.


Are you interested in being on the dishwashing team? And if you don’t like washing dishwashing, maybe spending some time out in the other ancient tradition of the Celtics, pulling weeds in the Labyrinth. We could use your help there to! Oh, so much delight in the many ways to express God’s goodness.  If so please contact me.  If you want to see how it goes just pop in on Sunday and help dry dishes and put them away.  That will give you a feel for the process.