Resting within the Dome of Creativity

Resting within the Dome of Creativity

I am If you have read my articles before you know each spring I have a succession of flowers blooming in my back yard garden.  Well, this morning I walked outside and the Rose of Sharon was blooming (pictures on inside flyer).  The temperature was about 65; it was oh so amazing. After feeding the feral cats, I got my camera and a cup of coffee and went outside to sit in the wonder.  The stillness of the morning air, the sparkling sunlight bouncing off the leaves, the birds chirping, and oh yes the feral cats rubbing up against my leg, was quite delightful (the new word I hear being said)!  Along with the Rose of Sharon, white Day Lilies (Easter Lilies), burgundy Day Lilies, Yuccas, and small bright orange Sun Flowers, were all blooming!

I sat down in my gazebo, and sipped my coffee and admired the beauty of the morning. I also thought of all the other “spring flowers” that have come and gone this Spring, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Day Lilies and Rose of Sharon hang out until after Shavonne’s Wedding next week.  With my newly refinished gazebo, my back yard garden is a work of art created by the Infinite One.  It can also be a wonderland of wild life. Last night I was talking to the raccoon, who came for visit. There are also possums, squirrels, skunks and all kinds of birds that dart in and out.  Occasionally we have a family of Mississippi Kites, and other hawks, circle overhead and sit in the tall trees that run along the “creek” in my back yard.

As I sat there in the wonder of the morning air, I thought of the other home projects I have completed this spring. Oh yes keeping a garden up in Oklahoma can be quite a chore, weeds keep popping up everywhere! Weeds weeds, everywhere, growing here and there!   I renovated the gazebo. Sanding down and stripping away the old red stain finish, then applying I new white paint. It looks awesome with my new white fence.  Last month I had a garage sale providing me the opportunity to go through my closets and attics, so I could release many unneeded items, which has created some open spaces. I have one room that is empty! Well almost!

What’s that saying we hear from children when we go on a trip?  Are we there yet!  When clearing away things that are no longer needed, or useful and we created an empty space, it is actually the beginning of something new.  So that child like creative potential within us begins to bubble up and asks “What if?”  “How about that?” With an open space in our mind those possibilities become so much easier to see.  But our ego wants to rush in and fill the space! You know the phrase, nature abhors a vacuum, we likewise have an urge to fill the empty space!   The eager child in us, knowing we are on a trip of exploration, tugs at our mind, and asks, “Are we there yet? When do we get to play and run around?” Those who have studied the “Creative Process” described in Genesis One with me know, when we come to the second step we have to allow ourselves to rest within the “Dome” of creativity energy and allow the waters (Realm of Infinite Possibilities composed of Infinite Divine Ideas) gathere together in one place! Only then can we sort through the Divine Ideas, and spiritually discern what might be best for us, or the wisest choice.

So, as I look at that empty space within my house, I know I need to move a wall, to make the bathroom a little bit bigger and more spacious, but everything else remains in the vacuum of the space-time continuum. What pictures (I have many) should I hang, where should I place the remaining furniture, and what do I need draw to me to allow the space to be and feel complete, while meeting my soul’s purpose and desire. When we are able to clear a space in our dwelling place (our house or our
mind), we often feel the child-like tug to fill it, but often it is best to rest within the Dome of creative energy and see what Spirit draws to us.  

Expressing in Love and Light, Rev. Patrick