Reading Improvement and ESL classes continue at Unity


Reading Improvement and ESL
classes continue at Unity

Unity continues to provide a welcoming space for students enrolled in Reading Improvement and English as a Second Language classes through Community Literacy Centers. I say, “welcoming” because students DO comment on the peace and calm they feel when they walk in Unity Spiritual Life Center. Attendance has decreased a bit these past few weeks as the summer heat settles in. However, we still have many adult students eager to learn. We are very grateful to our volunteers that come every week to help. We have two CLC volunteers; Peter and Beth Mikkola that are very talented. We very much appreciate their service. Our Unity volunteers are Margarita Woll, Karen West, Janice Papst, and Gene Fowler. They are AMAZING! Margarita’s multilingual skills have come to the rescue many times. Karen and Janice will step in with their many talents where they are needed without hesitation.  Creative Gene can describe what a “parade” is by leading her pupils around the room with flags flying and music humming! They are a cheerful, compassionate, caring group and we appreciate them very much. Our greatest need at the moment is someone to watch small children while mothers take the class. We have several mothers that can only attend occasionally when husbands or other family members can care for the children. If you can help with child care, be a volunteer in the class, or if you or someone you know would like to attend as a student, see Betty Leggiero. Everyone is welcome!