Rain Bow Fish - Awakening the Fire Within


An Adventure with Rain Bow Fish


Awakening the Fire Within


September 15th at 1:15  

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to experience a unique style of teaching.    It sparked the interest and enthusiasm of all in a subject that had intrigued the curiosity of only a few before that class.  The experience ignited an inner fire in everyone to delve into deeper meaning of stories, movies, literature, and of life itself.   As a result a lively conversation followed that involved all participants of the session.  The method of teaching employed on that day is called Issue Centered Education.  It is a powerful tool for an individual to possess, and I would like to share it with anyone who has an inkling of working with our Youth and Family Ministry and aren’t quite sure they have the ability to do so. It is a process that is easy to understand, and yet it can release powerful insight, in children and adults alike.