New Beginnings

New Beginnings

In this moment now I am looking out my window into my backyard garden; peonies, roses, irises, and exquisite wild flowers blooming all at one time.  The fact is that flowers have been blooming in succession in my yard since late February.  Spring a time of year that is always bursting forth with new life; I love this time of year. Anticipation of new life coming forth always stirs in my soul, as I eagerly await the coming of the Crape Myrtles, Day Lilies, Rose of Sharons, Cannas and other unexpected blossoms. 


In order for the continual flow of perennial flowers to blossom the soil has to be nurtured with water and nutrients and cleared leaves and weeds and given care.  In other words it requires work from time to time. Is it any different for our own life! If we wish to live in an awareness of the flowers and blossom of the kingdom of heaven, which is right here right now, we have to look beyond our physical appearance and nurture our soul – our metaphorical soil. Our souls need to be nurtured with water (Energy of the Living Substance) and nutrients (The Illumination of Living Substance – spiritual education opportunities) and cleared of leaves and weeds (things that cover our light and the negative thoughts that abound).  How do we do that?  Well, I will let you allow that inspiration to unfold.  We do have a number of opportunities occurring right here at USLC.


I’ve actually been doing little work in my backyard garden this spring, so it as been a little difficult keeping up with those “fast growing weeds.” Instead, I’ve been working on renovating/fixing up my gazebo.  Everybody’s got a Gazebo in their backyard right! When Shavonne was younger she used to play and allow her imagination run free in that very intriguing spot; now it is just where I feed the feral cats. Everybody feeds feral cats in their backyard right? So when Shavonne announced she and Travis were getting married in June, I thought of the Gazebo.  I also realized it needed to be given some care and loving attention.  I am painting it white to match the new white fence I put in last year to hold the soil and plants in my yard. It was red, stained red, and hasn’t been given a new coat in at least 20 years.  So it also needed some minor carpenter repairs. The fact is that everything in the physical realm needs love and attention or it won’t remain in this physical reality for long.  That includes you and me! We need to give ourselves that love and care in our mind, body and Spirit.  So often our spirit and our mind is given the same attention as my gazebo; we need to take time to nurture our spirit, as we do, it will allow new life and new images to flow forth


One of the very intriguing symbols of the Easter Season, which recently concluded, is the Easter Egg and the bunny that laid it! Yesterday someone asked, “How ever did an Easter Egg and that Bunny Rabbit become part of the Easter season?”  Interestingly enough they are both symbols (Pagan symbols) of new life emerging, just as the Resurrection Story and Spring are a symbols for a new life and a new vision for life coming forth. How do we go about achieving this new life, well we need to nurture our soul and our mind, then follow the spiritual teachings JC left us.  They are not really hard to understand, but they sure are hard to get into the practice of following. Just like it’s difficult getting into the discipline of tending to our gardens and our gazebos.  But when we don’t getting into that habit of tending our garden and our yards they quickly become filled with and over run by weeds (negative talk and thinking) and our gazebo (the place we dwell within our mind) will deteriorate and get blown over.  We have some wonderful classes and programs in May that will help cultivate your soul’s garden and to renovate your gazebo. Be inspired to walk into the garden with us. 

Expressing in Love and Light, Rev. Patrick