Minister's Letter -TNew Energy Rising.

New Energy Rising. Over the years, one thing I have learned about the creative process, is to slow down and take one step at a time. Pausing in between steps and say, “Ok God what I am supposed to do, give me understanding!” Then allow the new energy trying to be expressed to rise.  As someone who was taught in college and in Marriott leadership classes to develop a business plan, lay out the details and follow the steps without deviation, it is very trying to realize Spirit don’t work that way.  It has Its own plan of action! What I need to do is become still and listen to It’s prompting, standing at the center of the swirling winds of Chaos that exist all around me, with the spiritual faculty of Strength engaged and ask for Understanding to the new energy rising. Then I need to wait for the next step to be revealed, one step at a time.

This process can be a little mind boggling for a linear thinker when involved in community project, working with resources that may be restricted and not being able to explain fully the picture you have in your dyslexic thinking mind, while trying to build consensus with a very diverse group of thinkers. Does that sentence sound confusing or what!  Well yea!

This past weekend we moved our sanctuary from north-south into the Living Room for the Soul with new energy rising east to west.  When the three pews blocking the door were picked up, there was a rush of energy filling the room; yes, I could feel the creative energy swirling all around me and I felt like dancing. If you understood my normal reaction to dancing, you may have said, I lost my mind.  And yes, for a moment I had lost my mind, and Barbara just started laughing. The stagnant energy being held in the room was released. We rearranged the chairs in such a way they were radiating energy. Oh my God!

The energy during the first Sunday Service with an east west energy was amazing; and that was despite having a sound system and its tech missing in action. John was worn out from all the work he had been doing in rearranging the system’s set-up. Let John know how much you appreciate him! Wow!

What’s the next step! Well, I could easily say that Spirit will reveal it as it needs to be revealed, but the next three steps will be having the new carpet installed, the arrival of next set of chairs, and the completion of the new display wall that was added last week.  Beyond that it is decorating our new Living Room for the Soul as Spirit guides us to do. Perhaps adding a space along the windows to grow plants and greenery and developing a sacred space on the former platform.  Let that inspire the soul and see what the swirling winds of creativity might stir up.

I must say, I didn’t realize that the old mauve carpeting was so worn out! It is literally coming apart at the seams.  In two weeks, it will be replaced was a sandy beige carpeting that should make the other colors we are envisioning in the room just pop! Well, I can see a picture of it in my mind.  I better write it out so my mind can remember.  I know that often happens when you are resting at the center of the creative vortex of the swirling winds of chaos. I know some people felt that new energy rising as they walked into the sanctuary on Sunday, expecting to see seating facing the north and suddenly it was turn in a new direction.  

Interesting lessons that can be learned, when you open yourself up to allow the swirling winds of creativity to swirl around you, allowing the imagination to play within them to see what good is waiting to manifest. As opposed to beating the swirling winds down and making them go ahead, so life can feel more stable and structure.  Please come jump into the creative process with us and feel the new energy rising.
Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick

Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick