Minister's Letter --I am thankful, I am thankful, so grateful,

I am thankful, I am thankful, so grateful, 

I am thankful, I am thankful, so grateful, I am one with Spirit all around me.  Words from hymn we occasionally sing, but it was running through my mind today.  This year so far has been truly amazing! You are amazing and thank God, you are part of my life! As I say from time to time, thanksgiving is the most powerful force in the universe, and when we open our heart to feel its presence incredible things can happen.  That’s at least what one of my mentors, JC, taught me.  He said, “Whenever you pray, go into your inner room and pray to the Creative Force of All the Universe (Your Father), which is in the Secret and It will hear you, and reward you.” So, give thanks allowing the wonder and goodness within you in that Secret Place to bubble up and flow through you like Living Water. Wow!

As I said a moment ago, this year has been amazing.  Towards the end of last year, a Millennial, shared a thought about redecorating our very traditionally designed sanctuary to allow the very outdated energy to shift and to rise up to meet our very transformational life change message, to draw audience who might be open and receptive to the ideas Unity shares. Since that time, we have taken a variety of ideas, blended them together through the process of consensus, then we began the renovation process.  The energy in the room is amazing.  I took a couple of children into our new Living For Soul Sunday afternoon, and asked them how the room felt and they just started giggling with big smiles on their face and said, “Wow, does this room feel Good. I am so thankful just to be in this room! Wow!”

We have now completed phase two of the renovation and are moving into the final phase ,which is finding decorating pieces that will blend in with the Tree of Life theme in the Living Room for the Soul that jumps across cultures and help it to feel complete.  When we see them there will be a joyful, grateful feeling that will come bubbling up and say, “Wow that’s it!” We have a couple of ideas, but we will wait to see what they are when they manifest!

There have been many other amazing treats for our spiritual community this year: the Stowe Good Concerts (they were so good); Paradiso and Rasamayi; many amazing moves; and some wow events on Thursday Night.  All the presenters have commented on the unbelievable difference in the energy in the Living Room for the Soul and in the building so uplifting, they thankful!

At home, I have many things to be thankful for, the renovation of different rooms has just seemed to flow together. Even if there have been some challenging moments; like the tree collapsing in my back yard, losing the new camera I had just brought, and my garage door, oven, and hot tub all breaking down!  I have learned that in those crazy moments, to pause, breathe in and say, “Sweet Creative Force of the Universe I turned this over to you have your way with it! I am thankful for this opportunity, thank you, thank you thank you!” Then I wait to see what goodness and wonder is going to come along.  When I finished my master bedroom renovation, after the battle with the sinus infection, I laid down in my new bed and I slept for 8 hours for the first time I can ever remember! Thank God, and I have slept 8 hours, almost every night since. After losing my new camera and breaking the lens on my old cell phone, I ended up with a new phone that has an amazing camera on it.  Two in One! Wow, now I only have to keep track of one! and I have tracker that will find it when I forget where I put it! Can You image that! Thank God. After the tree collapsed in my backyard, I was inspired to remove a wall in one of my gardens, and I turned it into a front yard patio! Wow!

It is so amazing, when I learned to turn it over to God and just be thankful for everything that happens in life.  To feel the wonder and goodness flowing and say thank you, thank you, thank you, that is wonderful. I so Grateful. I am one with God!

Namaste, I see that Goodness in you! Rev. Doc. Patrick