Minister's Letter -- The Feritle Soil that Is Our Mind.

The Feritle Soil that Is Our Mind. 

The purple of Sage, the shades of pink on the Crape Myrtles and Rose of Sharon, the brilliant red of the Canas are colors of the flowers still blooming in my backyard at the end of September.  How amazing is that!  This year’s rain has been a little overwhelming, but refreshing and has brought Mother Nature to life!  I love looking at the different colors of the flowers blooming, if only I had enough time to pull all the weeds!  Today I spent a few hours pulling an abundance of weeds, which had been distracting me from the beauty of the flowers! Now, there is the richness of the dirt, flowers and rose bushes developing strength for spring and the amazing colors of the flowers in bloom. Wow! Tomorrow I will add some fall flowers to the colors in my garden.  

We live in a wonderland of Infinite Possibilities, but do we take the time to sort through the flowers we like and those we don’t like (weeds) then pull, releasing the ones don’t like back to Mother Nature. Only then can we truly appreciate the flowers we like and give them our full attention and gratitude.  

A true metaphor life, knowing our mind is a garden for all we experience.  Mother Nature, a Living Field of Infinite Possibilities, provides us with a multitude of choices to make every moment of every day. Yes, we live in a Field of Infinite Possibilities and are left with a choice on what we will experience. Completely up to us! What will you see and experience! Will you take action to remove the weeds, so you can give your full attention to the beauty and wonder that is around you!  

One example of this are several different Oklahoma weeds, that are sometimes seen as flowers. One is bountiful in my back yard this year! It has a little blue flower at the top and grows to be about 18 inches high.  By itself, it has intriguing colors and is so beautiful.  When Karen Taylor Good visited my garden earlier this year, she saw this flower and thought it was just so beautiful. I held back my urge to reach over and pull out of the ground.  Although now I wish I had, because that one plant turned into thousands with all the rain.  Then there is that pretty little red bushy kind of flower that grows in the Labyrinth.  When it is not tended to will quickly become a sea of red spreading out before your eyes!

One of the Secrets of the Kingdom of Infinite Possibilities, in which we live move and have our being is that our minds are the fertile soil of this kingdom and only the seeds we choose to nourish will flourish and grow.  What are the seed thoughts you are choosing to focus on and nourish by the energy that is your mind? You only need to look at your life and your state of mind to tell!  I’m not standing in a state of Judgment; only in awareness of what might be!  Do you take the time to recognize those mutant thoughts, and then release them back to the eternal ethers, so you can focus on the thoughts and things you like and appreciate?  This is a key to living in an awareness of the wonderland we call life! You see we live in a world that has gone mad! All kinds of crazy things going on and we have all been taught to focus on what’s wrong, as opposed to repenting, turning around and looking for the goodness.  The vast amount of those crazy things have little to do with us; but since we allow those weeds to continue growing in our minds, it wears us out and drags us down. It’s time to allow them to come up in your mind, acknowledge them for what they are – weeds – then release them, so you can focus on what you like and what you would like to experience in your life! Allow the gratefulness to bubble up in your heart and be thankful for every good thing you see and coming your way! Then, you know will happen, those things will come your way and bloom throughout your life! Gratitude and thanksgiving are the most powerful forces in the universe. Time to activate them and call them into your being. Saying thank you, thank you thank You God.

Namaste, I see that Goodness in you! Rev. Doc. Patrick