Minister's Letter The Dome in the Midst of the Waters

The Dome in the Midst of the Waters

Last month I boldly stepped into uncharted waters, at least for me. I had a tree trimming service come out to take down 6 very large branches from two trees in my yard. Actually, two of the branches had fallen and were hanging in limbo endangering other structures below. These trees were nearly 80 feet tall and each branch weighed a few thousand pounds, so we had a crane help to bring those branches down, swinging them into the front yard.  I opted to have the tree trimming company leave the branches, so I could cut them up and give them to the neighbors for their fireplace.  It created a little work for me and it saved me a little money.  As I worked in my yard, a theme that continually came to my mind was The Dome of Creativity. I also had some intriguing conversation about the Dome of Creativity over the past few weeks.    

The Dome of Creativity is indeed an intriguing idea! Although it is at the core of the Creative Process shared in the Bible, it is idea seldom discussed outside of Unity.  The Dome of Creativity is actually the second, and probably most important, step of the creativity process that we call prayer. Jesus referred to it as hallowing out a space to hold the Lord’s name (I Am) sacred.

The first step of the Creative Process is when the swirling winds of creativity are moving all around you (you know those crazy events of life), as opposed to trying to stop them, or make them go away, is to stand at the center of those swirling winds and ask for understanding.  Genesis I actually says, “…and God said, let there be light.”  As Brian will share on page 2, understanding is having insights into how all the pieces of a puzzle might fit or come together.  

If during trying times we pause in prayer, asking for Divine Understanding to come forth, then take the next step of creative process we move into the firmament, where we might have some extraordinary insights come forth. A firmament is another word for the Dome, which is used some translations of the Bible. Yes, back in time, they once believed the Earth was flat and had a Dome over the Earth.  There were holes in the dome that allowed the water to fall on the Earth to give it nutrition. It is also allowed the rays of the sun to come through to provide us light and energy so that things could grow.

Bringing this idea to a personal level, when we move into the Dome of the Creative Process, we l see ourselves immersed in the Divine Presence.  We feel the earth beneath our feet and we feel the bubble of God’s energy surrounding and enfolding us, with rays of light and understanding coming down from above to fill us energy, wisdom and love.  In our times of prayer when we move into this Dome of Creativity, we can visualize the energy of the Divine surrounding and enfolding us, separating the waters (the field of infinite possibilities) from the land (manifest reality), allowing our minds to be filled with a multitude of ideas.  Then all they will be left to do is to discern what might be the best course we might take.

A more practical explanation of this Dome of Creativity, that these fallen branches that caused me to think about, was that for several months, I had been pondering what I might do with the very large tree in my front yard, that was moving back and forth in the wind, looking like it might fall on my new solar panels.  Then during a big wind storm in May, branches on another large tree fell in the backyard but were held off the ground by another tree. I had to do something but what! So, I prayed, I paused and moved into the Dome of Creativity, feeling the Divine energy all around me, while holding the thought of what might be the best step to take. Ideas were presented to me one by one.  When an idea was presented to me, I tried to discern how the idea resonated in me, when it finally felt right, I said, “Make it so!”  And it was!

 Namaste, I see the Christ light in you, Rev. Dr. Patrick

Namaste, I see that Light in You Rev. Doc. Patrick