A Magical Mystical Time of Year

A Magical Mystical Time of Year

During the Halloween Season, we often allow our fears to run away with our imagination!  But originally the tradition that has become known as Halloween was not intended to be a time of frightening and dark experience as characterized in movies such as Psycho, Poltergeist, Darkness Falls. Nor was it considered to be a time when the forces of darkness, ghosts, goblins and the Devil were released from their fiery tombs to scare the good and to snatch souls. These were all creations of the modern-day American Mind that loves to explore the dark side.

Halloween first began as Celtic celebration that dates back at least a thousand of years before the Roman Empire and Constantine’s Church discovered Celtic’s homeland in the British Isles in the 5th century. The Celtics believed that every living thing was sacred and glistened with the light of the Creator, that they lived in a Divine Matrix – a field of Life and Energy that permeated all things. Sound Familiar?

Each year, around October 31st, they celebrated the pinnacle of this life in a festival called Samhain, which was an expression of joy for the harvest and the abundance that blessed them.  The Celtics believed this was a magical and mystical time, for every physical transition in this reality – the intervals between day and night; like dusk and dawn - and the changes between seasons – were instances when the boundaries between our physical reality and the spiritual dimension were the thinnest.   At this time of year, the Celtics believed their deceased loved ones would be able to cross back over for a short time, so they would put food and special treats on the door step.  If the food would disappear, they would think their beloved had visited.  

The Celtic would often dress up in animal costumes during this time to wear to festivals; and to scare anyone away who might have come to steal those special treats that they had left out.  In choosing a costume, they would often pick something that represented the part of their personality that hid their Truest Self.  Like stubbornness could easily be represented by a donkey. What would you pick to represent the personality you hide from Spirit’s light and goodness?  

We all wear masks, a whole variety of different masks and not just on Halloween.  We wear a variety of masks presenting different personas, to meet different people and to fit different roles we find ourselves in. All these different masks hide our true authentic self; it also restricts the Creator Light, which shines radiantly through us.  But, just like a Halloween mask, the different personas that we wear can be taken off, it doesn't change who we are underneath.  And who are we underneath all that stuff?  We are spiritual beings, made in the image and likeness of God.  We can take off the masks we wear anytime we choose to reveal our truest self. The fact is that the veil doesn’t really exist! Nor does it separate us into two different parts; the Truth is we are One in the Light of Christ.  But then, that is one of magical and mystical revelation of the season.