The Joy of Sacred Service

Being of Sacred Service

By Barbara Duffy


The Joy of Sacred Service

How beautiful is the Labyrinth now?  Last Sunday, during our Unity Memorial Day Celebration many of us first admired the Labyrinth, then walked it.  It was a beautiful experience.  The opportunity was provided by Rev. Dr. Patrick and those in the past who designed and engineered the ancient ritual, and today’s weed pullers.   Betty, Vicky and Milton weeded not only the seven circles in the Labyrinth but also the surrounding landscape.  It is eyecatching.  If you noticed it before the weeding began, you will see a startling difference now.  Thank you, Betty, Vicky and Milton for all your work in the Labyrinth area.  

The compost pile is growing.  It will be quite helpful fertilizing our plants when it has reached the ready point.  Betty has started adding used coffee grounds to help our plants grow.  She says the worms really like them.  We keep heavy ceiling tiles, cardboard, or something else on top of the pile to keep parts of it from blowing away in the Oklahoma wind.  It is helpful for volunteers to take turns turning over the stuff in the compost pile.  We are “Green”.

 One of the major areas for sacred service is our potluck lunches every Sunday.  Rev. Patrick prepares the “core” dishes and Roger, Jessica, Lori,  Doug and Larry form the basic food prep with Kathy fine-tuning.  So many areas to help with this community-building activity:  bring dishes you have prepared or even purchased, help get food on the table, be sure plates, bowls, silverware and napkins are there, put out salt and pepper shakers (then retrieve them), prep glasses for tea or juice.  After lunch pick up and stack used tableware, wash dishes, dry and put away.  Karen usually wipes down the tables, but when she isn’t there someone else is needed to do that.  We take turns washing, drying and folding used kitchen towels.

 The cleanup crew is usually large, with dishwashing as the basic job after lunch.  While Phil was in Spain Betty took over the dishwashing.  We are  blessed with volunteers and those willing to do the work.  I wasn’t able to name all the volunteers so if you have helped please let me know and I will include your name next month.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our Sacred Service Volunteers!  You are WONDERFUL!