I am an expression of Divine Creativity.

I am an expression of Divine Creativity. (From March 2017 Newsletter

I Am An Expression of Divine Creativity was the talk title for yesterday’s 11 am Celebration Service.  It is a thought I have not been able to get out of mind, not only for the last 24 hours, but since and before the beginning of the New Year.  I am, we are, powerful creative spiritual beings, is Spiritual Truth. Yet, as I look, around my house, my yard, my life, watch the news, listen to conversations, I “feel” what I have learned to call “the void.” It is a really uncomfortable place to be, a place of uncertainty, a place of questioning, a place where you can feel the swirling winds of life pulling you in many different directions.

I began to feel this discomfort when Yvonne shared she was going to follow her hearts passion and be the Minister of the Unity Church in St. Johns Florida.  The week following the chaos created by packing up half her stuff and putting it on a POD for Florida, we learned the election results that put a man who demonstrates the complete opposite of what our spiritual teachings are grounded upon, in he position of president. My feelings have only intensified since with the continually demonstrations in the streets and around the globe and another POD packing adventure, that left my house “feeling” completely “empty.”

Then the idea shared in 2012 movement came to my mind. Humankind is on the verge of a great awakening, and we must some how learn to “rise up” in consciousness so we can overcome the Second Force and the forces resistance that are rising up to meet us. We need to learn these skills, so we can achieve the goal of our awakening to a reality where everyone knows, feels and understands the field of Infinite Possibilities we are immersed in.  This is a vision shared in the Star Trek Series; it is at the heart of Star Wars, the Matrix, Avatar and… It was also a vision shared by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore when they founded the Unity movement, and chose the name “Unity,” and then picked “The Unity Wings” as our symbol.  This ancient Egyptian symbol represented humankind being lifted up in consciousness to a new reality on the wings of Spirit. We are at that point of transformation and we need to find a way of allowing Spirit to lift us up into that reality.     

Charles Fillmore shared a teaching focused on the dynamics we are now going through as a species, which would allow us to embrace and overcome the challenges we face.  It is called the Creative Process. Not only does it share how we can understand the dynamics of the forces going on in our life, but it shares in depth how we are the creators of our life and our world, that we are, I am an expression of Divine Creativity.  

As I stood in the “emptiness” of my house, I realized I was at the center point of the void and I needed to some how direct the energy of my thoughts on what my soul needed and long to do.  The first step was focusing on the completion of my second book! The next step was to share the program Charles Fillmore created so many years ago, that many movies and teachings echo pieces of.  The class on The Creative Process will begin Wednesday March 8th

Also, as I stood in the emptiness of my inner house, I looked at a number of the political and religious issues that are pulling our country apart, abortion, health care, immigration, economy, safety, and I realized the debate is focused in the completely wrong way. It is focused on who is right, and who wrong, and the opinions of political leaders and religious groups, as opposed to looking for long term solutions. This habit of our Big Ego Minds is ripping our country apart, creating much of the force of the resistance you and I are experiencing. This only creates conflict. Each of these topics, I believe, I have a solution that would resolve the problem. They are bold ideas that ask for different starting points, but how do I share them?

Please help me in visualizing a way to achieve it!

Namaste, I am, you are an expression of Divine Creativity.