"I AM” A Documentary that will move your soul

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“I AM”

A Documentary that will move your soul

The Shift is about to hit the fan

September 8th Sunday at 1:15 pm


Have you ever been puzzled by an incident and thought what is wrong with the World? And what can I do to make it better? The documentary “I Am” explores these two questions in a way that moves the soul! The quest behind this movie began after the producer Tom Shadyac had a bicycling accident that left him incapacitated. As he recovered, he developed a new sense of purpose, and wanted to share his awakening with others, to somehow help the world be a better place.


Armed with nothing but his curiosity and a small crew to film his adventures, Shadyac set out on a twenty-first century quest for enlightenment. Meeting with a variety of thinkers and doers–remarkable men and women from the worlds of science, philosophy, and academia. The result is a fresh, energetic, and life-affirming film that challenges ones preconceptions about human behavior while simultaneously celebrating the human spirit. Shadyac wanted “I AM” to identify the underlying cause of the world’s ills! He didn’t want to hear the usual answers, like war, hunger, poverty, the environmental crisis, or even greed. These are not the problems, they are the symptoms of a larger endemic problem. Ironically, in the process of trying to figure out what’s wrong with the world. He learned the heart, not the brain, is man’s primary organ of intelligence, and that became a starting part of unfolding the wonders of this dimension. Join us for a thought-provoking soul-moving experience, and a way we might transform the world