Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming

Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming

Sunday, October 13th at 1:15

(Drums provided)

Come experience first-hand the healing energy of Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming. It’s time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument and start thinking of it as a multi-faceted wellness tool. Health Rhythms participation provides an opportunity for stress release, creative expression, recreation, social support, and spirituality. .


No prior musical experience is necessary. We all have a creative spirit. If you feel yours is buried or hidden, it will emerge with drum circle participation. Drum circles increase your awareness of and respect for your own and everyone else’s creativity. Unleashing our creative spirit raises us up and makes our inner light shine brighter, which in turn brightens our whole world and the people in it. Don’t miss this!

This workshop will be led by Rene Holubec,

Prayer Chaplain & Certified Health Rhythms Facilitator