Health and Wholeness Is All There Is!

Health and Wholeness Is All There Is!

When I worked at Silent Unity prayers for healing were the overwhelming number 1 prayer requested. It continues to be the number one prayer requested today, some 20 years later.  This is a very intriguing idea because in Unity we believe we are spiritual beings, born in the image and likeness of God, radiantly alive, healthy, whole and well in every way!  That is the Absolute Truth.  Although, while we are living in these fleshly bodies and having been taught the ways of the physical world, we might have forgotten this most basic Truth – we are Children of the Living God.   So, when we pray for healing, we do not pray that we will overcome some disease or affliction, we see ourselves immersed in the life of the Divine, just as Myrtle Fillmore did! We see ourselves whole and well. We see ever renewing, healing life lifting us up in consciousness of Life Force flowing through us, as it dissolves our every mortal limitation and our belief in the appearance of what might appear to be.  We deny the appearance of a thing to have any power over us and then we affirm and declare our wholeness in this moment now, knowing it is the Truth of who and what we are. What do You think of this idea!

This year Silent Unity decided to share our approach to prayers for healing and wholeness with individuals who might not be aware of this process and those who not may know about Silent Unity or Unity at all. Silent Unity realized a way they could share our message of health and wholeness with the world, and they asked Unity’s Member Ministries to join them in the process. Unity Spiritual Life Center, OKC responded with an enthusiastic YES!  

Silent Unity then searched their large database of prayers and articles about Unity’s Prayer Process and put them into a packet, which they mailed out to us about a month ago.  This very powerful packet of readings includes Daily Word with a year-long reading list of prayers of Health and Wholeness. While the packet of information was focused on those going through very intensive cancer treatments, it can be easily used in the application of spiritual health and wholeness challenges of any type.  The packet is truly inspirational!

However we have a challenge, or I guess I am supposed to say, we have an opportunity! We need to figure out a way to get these very powerful packets of information into location where unknowing individuals looking for the presence of love, health and wholeness might be exposed to them.   In sharing these packets with us, Silent Unity asked if we could some how get them into Waiting Rooms, where would be cancer over-comers might get their hands on them.  So if you know how we might get these packets of information into these Waiting Rooms or other Waiting Rooms of over-comers of other illness challenges, well that would really put a smile on our face. Or if you know someone who is going through a health challenge and is seeking to overcome it, please know you are welcome to take a packet or two! But, please know, we have to report the results back to Silent Unity.  

This is just one of many ways Unity seeks to be a spiritual inspiration to the world, helping and inspiring individuals to embrace their wholeness and the wonder of life.  Taking a bold step and visualizing a world aligned in peaceful Oneness, celebrating a joy-filled world co-created in love, harmony and abundance, where health and wholeness reign and disease and illness no longer exist. Please join with us in holding this vision, seeing this Divine Idea rippling out into the ethers dissolving every mortal limitation and washing away any appearance of lack, limitation, illness or disease.  Only health, wholeness and the wonder of life remain. Thank You God, Divine Spirit In All.

Expressing in Love and Light, Rev. Patrick