The Gift of Spiritualized Power

The Gift of Spiritualized Power

The Disciple  Phillip – The Color Purple

Location –throat, the nerves which control the larynx


All the power in the universe is God-power and humanity is the power of God in action. The mind and the body of man have the power to transform energy from one plane of consciousness to another.  This is the power and dominion implanted in man from the beginning.  The power of the voice controls all the vibratory energies of our being.  Every word that goes forth receives its specific character from the power faculty.  Through the Faculty of Power and the power of the spoken word mankind can open the door between the formless and the formed worlds of vibrations pertaining to expression. 


Spiritual Power is omnipresent.  It is released in our body by spiritualizing our consciousness.  This divine energy will surge through us as we erase negative thoughts from consciousness and become one with the Mind of God.  Spiritual Power is the energy, life, love and wisdom of God flowing through our Being. It has the creative essence of both the universe and our life. When the voice has united with the life of the soul, it takes on a sweetness and a depth that one feels and remembers.  But sweeter and deeper still is the voice of one who has made union with Spirit and can say with Jesus, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."


When one understands the power of words spoken in spiritual consciousness the results are in fulfillment of divine law. The affirmation of any good statement of Truth puts us in conscious contact with the Christ Mind and quickens and releases the light and energy stored up in the subconscious mind; then the process of redemption begins.


We must understand that mastering the faculty of Power is not an end itself, not a goal to be sought.  Rather, it is simply a means that empowers us to attain heaven on earth…It is to be exercised not for the purpose of controlling others, but for the purpose of taking dominion over our own thoughts and feelings in order to come into a greater awareness of God.”  (YGGP 95)


The gift of Power is generated in silence.  Now this sounds strange as words are not silent, but once we realize that it is in the silence that we commune with God, that the Holy Spirit moves in us, it gives Power a new life – perhaps we should say light!  As we pass through the door into the inner chambers of mind, from without to within we are charged with energy; we are enveloped in Life, Love and Wisdom.


Power is the faculty of being that empowers us to have authority over our thoughts and feelings.  Our greatest creative Power is generated by the realization of Power of God within us. Power is our ability to move energy from one plane of existence, one realm of being to another.   Our spoken words are vehicles through which this power is manifested in our lives.                                                                                        Thoughts of Ed Rabel


Affirmations for directing the power of your words

I am aware of the thoughts and words I speak, and I Choose wisely.

I am a powerful Creative Spiritual Being; my words have power

I shape and form the Substance of universe; I am powerful.

With Each word I speak I send a vibration out into the universe; I am in alignment with the rhythm of life