The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life
The Disciple: Judas; Color: Red
Location: Regenerative Organs, the Base of the Spine

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

                                                            J.K. Rowling


The faculty of Life is the essence upon which all else exists. Without it there is no being. Dwelling anywhere but in the essence of being is not life, but rather a pensive existence. One in which we profoundly abdicate the truth of life.


My Family and I live in the town of Guthrie. It is an historic place with many wonders. Life is slower than in the city. The school even took Wes out and bought him a winter coat with gloves and a stocking cap that looks like Pikachu, a Pokemon character. It is very much a Wes thing to wear. In other places we've dwelt, we existed. Here, in the most simplest of terms, we live. We are more alive than ever before.


Life is about moments. Some might say it is about the moments that take your breath away. When my daughter was born, some 25 years ago, I had one of those moments. Holding her God given ability in my arms was refreshing and phenomenal. Such are those times that gives us a deeper call to being. That is what we are, human beings, not human doings.


When living day by day you come into resistance to your true essence; Claim “Life”! It awakens your cells to the atomic energy inside them and gives you the opportunity to heal yourself. Whether we have more than one bite at the apple, that remains to be seen. As for this one moment, in this time, choose life and choose to live it more abundantly. That is what Jesus came to demonstrate. Sure the water to wine thing would be great at parties, but the essence is to live life and do so with abundance. Today is the appointed time; today is the day of salvation. Be the savior of your world and live.

By Bryan Carlile

Affirmations For the Faculty of Life 

I am immersed in life wondrous life; It permeates every cell of my being!

I am being renewed by the healing power of Divine Life; It is flowing in me!

I am charged with the Energy of Life – I am glowing and radiantly alive!


A Christmas Blessing

From Schuyler Cronley – Notes of a Skylark

   C hrist is the head of your life.              B lest be the tie that binds us

        H eavenly joy for the season.                 L ove and light the freeing bond

           R iches more abundantly measured.       E ternal truth the blessed evidence

     I nfinitely more than man’s reason.       S ecuring the promised beyond

                                          S inging “Joy to the World” and              S ing out your praises, declare

                                         T o All Whom You Meet                          I n faith, I no longer fear

     M ay Your blessings be many                 N ow through Christ I’m Reborn

  A nd your joy, full, complete                  G odlike – His Image My Mirror

                                        S ecurely enfolded in him                       S o be your heart’s desire.