The Faculty of ZealThe Faculty of Elimination, Renunciation and Renewal

The Faculty of Elimination, Renunciation and Renewal
Disciple: Thaddaeus; Color: Russet
Location: Small of the Back

 He judged the instant and let go; he flung himself loose into the stars.
Annie Dillard

“I release and I let go, I let the Spirit run my life. And my heart is open wide, Yes, I’m only here for God. No more struggle, no more strife, with my faith I see the light. I am free in the Spirit, yes, I’m only here for God.” By releasing our old thoughts and beliefs, we open ourselves to freedom and the life Spirit has in store for us.

For quite some time we have been without a vehicle. We now have the money to get our truck fixed. It is at the shop as we speak. I had to release my ideas of how the truck would be fixed for it to come about. I had to release my misconceptions and ideas, letting go and letting God take control of the situation. Now what took months should take days to complete. We are blessed.

The more you release and let go to the unction of Spirit, the more you reveal the Christ consciousness within you. This cleansing, purging motion allows newness to enter your life. You rise in awareness and spiritual depth the more you let go of your will to the will of the greater Divine.

Humanly, I hold onto things. I find this especially true of information. I have dozens of dead links to information that has been outdated or erased. Only my purging those dead links can I find new information to support whatever research I might need done.

You can accomplish great things by releasing limiting beliefs. You reveal your Christ consciousness by deferring to the Divine. You are greater than the sum of your parts. You are mighty. Just think what magnificent things you can accomplish when the old is swept out and the new is allowed to take root. It is likened to a body of water, when the inlet is open it renews the source. When the outlet is blocked, it causes stagnation. To remain renewed and filled with verve and vigor, you must be renewed regularly. You will accomplish great and mighty things by letting go and letting God.
By Bryan Carlile

Denials and Affirmations that will empower U,
when confronted by an obstacle.

I release that…. I let it go, and allow God’s prefect love to flow!
Cancel, Cancel, Cancel Be gone. I am standing in the Presence of the Divine!
GET Beyond me Satan (or whatever negative it might be) –
I Am Allowing My Light and wonder to Shine.