Chilie Cook Off & The Ultimate Gift, The Movie

Chilie Cook-off
A One of a Kind Christmas Party

Sunday Dec. 15th  following the service

Join us for one totally cool afternoon.  We will have our annual Christmas chilie cook-off extravaganza, which is just too yummy to miss.

The Ultimate Gift, The Movie of the Month
Sunday Dec. 15th at 1:15
Life is how you live it…  not how you spend it

The Ultimate Gift sends a young man of privilege on an improbable journey; to an awakening of his indwelling Spirit and innate goodness. Trust fund baby Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) loves all of life’s gifts, as long as they’re bankable. But when his wealthy grandfather, Red (James Garner) dies, Jason receives a most unusual inheritance, twelve tasks, which Red calls “gifts” to challenge Jason to grow up into being a man. If he succeeds, the experience will not only change Jason forever, but he will discover the real meaning of Prosperity. Come watch this excellent movie with us.

Based on Jim Stovall’s best-selling novel includes an all-star cast: Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin, James Garner and Brian Dennehy.  A heart-warming and soul moving movie; simply put, this is an outstanding movie.