Being of Sacred Service Holding Sacred Service in Prayer

Being of Sacred Service Holding Sacred Service in Prayer


Keeping a community such as ours running takes many people.  Actually, some of us do several jobs. I call them jobs, when I really get such a sense of satisfaction from them that it is more like play!   Every day I give thanks that I am in such a wonderful place, interacting with beautiful, spiritual people.  Like Brother Lawrence in Medieval Times, I find the activities bring a sense of meditation.  The feeling in my heart and mid-section as I “play” are often the same as in a meditation.


This seems to be true with others who are working in our church and it shows in their work/play and in the result of their work/play.  Since the Center includes both inside and outside venues, some of us do double duty.  We serve in the Chapel/Sanctuary as musicians, ushers and even plant waterers.


The Prayer Chaplains pray for us in the Sanctuary/Chapel, in the kitchen, in the foyer, in Harmony House and over the phone. We serve in the kitchen and dining room by cooking (both onsite and by bringing dishes to share) as well as cleanup afterward.  The library is kept in order by devoted people who like to keep things ordered.


Bookstore staff is selling more books this month than any other time of year.  (Keep up the good work.)  The grounds workers love to help things grow and using flowers and plants to beautify the building and grounds.  They also mow and edge the lawn and trim trees.


Several of these volunteers serve on the Board of Directors.  They are responsible for keeping the church functions on an even keel, as well as supporting new and helpful activities.  Members who have had the required training teach workshops and classes.  All in all, we are Truly Blessed, and I give thanks every day that this is so.  I pray for continuation and success in all our endeavors. 


Thank You God.

Barbara J. Duffy