Being of Sacred Service

Being of Sacred Service; Life Is Good!
By Barbara Duffy


Life is good. Being in Sacred Service makes life even better.  Volunteers in Sacred Service seem to have a lighter step and a ready smile on their faces.  Others can tell they enjoy life.

Our Sacred Service program is perking right along as we move into summer.  Our kitchen staff for both cooking and cleanup are doing a great job.  Reverend Chef Patrick’s culinary skills are showing us a variety of yummy foods.  And the number of people needed to cook and clean up for so many diners is large.  These volunteers do such things as put out salt and pepper, then take them back up at the end of the meal.  They prepare drinks make sure there are enough napkins and tableware.  AND, at the end of the day someone takes home the towels and aprons to wash, fold, and return to the cabinet.  Neither the salt and pepper or the laundry takes much time.  (Note – the Healing Hands Providers take home the sheets and pillowcases to launder, fold, and return to the appropriate cabinet.)  
It would be good to have a little more help in the bookstore.  Just think of being surrounded by all these books and CDs and luxuriate in that thought.  You can do it!  Just volunteer!

Summertime means the weeds outside are taking over and the grounds crew could use a little help there.  The rose bushes need to be deadheaded and while I like doing that, I haven’t been able to do it because of the heat.  The labyrinth also needs a little TLC right now.  How many churches in Oklahoma City do you know that have a labyrinth?  Not many I would imagine.  Let's make ours a beautiful example to others.

And remember, the Thursday lunch and newsletter folding both come under Sacred Service.  Join in to feel really good.