Being of Sacred Service

Being of Sacred Service
By Barbara Duffy


This week I was thinking about friendships that develop when one does Sacred Service.  This is what happens when one is involved in a project with others.  For instance, helping in the kitchen by cooking or by cleaning up after the delicious buffet meal we share every Sunday.  Instead of just attending a service or lesson, get involved first by joining the group of hungry diners for good food and conversation. Later you might want to share your signature dish with others, as the buffet is a potluck.  After a few weeks, you might feel an urge to help pick up glasses, cups, plates, and silverware to take to the plastic tubs by the kitchen door.  Even collecting the salt and pepper shakers can be a pleasant job.  Later you might decide to help by drying dishes and putting them away.  And washing dishes means stacking them in the holders and moving them into the commercial dishwasher.  A piece of cake! 

For example, Iva helps by bringing delicious roasted veggies and also helps set up and do dishes. She does the laundry as needed.   Jimmie brings food and ushers several weeks a month.  Karen W. provides music, washes dish towels and wipes down the tables after lunch.  These three have developed a friendship which was apparent when Karen W. recently underwent surgery.  Iva and Jimmie were there during the procedure and visited later before taking Karen to a friend’s home for rehab. Karen returned to church last Sunday and asked to include the following in the newsletter:
A note of Thanks

Many thanks to Jimmie Smith and Iva Brown-Volker who were with me the day of my hip-related surgery, March 19, and thank you for the care afterwards.  Karen West