The Abundant Love Project - Another Rock Fest

Another Rock Fest –

The Abundant Love Project

Sunday September 9th  at 1 pm


Picture a time of relaxation allowing whatever artistic level you might have, flowing out onto the smooth canvas, creating a space for love to flow.  When done you can share the beautiful canvas that these special rocks provide with the world? Imagine a time of being able to share your artistic talent with the world, with no attachment and no expectation, just being the way of love in the world.  When you are done with this special project, you can leave it in a special place where it will wait for some unsuspecting soul who needs a pick me up.  There your creation of love and beauty will be waiting for them. Last time was just too wonderful, not to do again So join us.  Artistic talent is not required.  If you can hold a pencil, you can paint a rock.  This offering of love is being presented on a love-offering basis.  I am Rock Solid In Being The Way of Love